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Raylene Lewis is a happily married Realtor. Her family is comprised of a loving husband, two children, a 5 year old boy and a 3 year old girl, 2 dogs, and a Parrot. Raylene has been selling realestate for the last 8 years with Century 21 and sold 123 property units in 2008. Raylene loves being a Realtor and a Mommy, and as such, she is constantly on a mission to get things done!

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Raylene Lewis


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Say What?! True Statements: at Glimpse of My Life At Work

“Mrs. Buyer, I’m glad you like the master tub. Could you get out now so we can fininsh the final walkthrough of the home?”

“Yes, I’m calling about my neighbors home. You have it listed for sale next door to us. I just thought you would like to know the back side is on fire.”

“Yes, I know it’s 1:30am, but I was driving by and saw this house for sale…”

“Yes, I’m calling about your For Sale sign. It’s in my front yard with your name on it and my home is not for sale.”

“Yes, This is the Heating and A/C company and we completed the repair you requested on the furnace for closing this afternoon; unfortunately, Benny Fell through the ceiling on his way out.”

“Welcome to our home, I know the neighbors say it is haunted, but really it’s not. The lady is seen in the kitchen peeling potatos only occassionally.”

“Thanks for coming to talk to us about selling our home. Please don’t step on the yellow mat, it is covering up a hole in the floor and we don’t want you to fall through.”

“We can’t discuss the the offer on our home right now, we’re having private time together.”

“Hi, this is the title company. We incorrectly told you the property had funded. The Lender was 600.00 short when they sent the wire.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you and your clients. I’d like to have ya’ll as neighbors. The previous owner is deceased, so the executive of the estate is handeling everything. You know, she was dead in that house four or five days before they found her.”

“This is the Bryan Police department. I thought you’d like to know we arrested the tenant of your property last week and so he probably won’t be paying rent anymore. Also, we had brake through the front door and window to get it, so you probably want to get it fixed I think it’s been raining.”

“Hello, I’m the former listing agent. I’m calling to let you know I’ll be dropping the keys off to you this afternoon so you can take over the listing. Just curious, did the Seller tell you why I had such a hard time selling the property? Right, well let me be the first to tell you there were 4 people murdered in that home. Good Luck.”

“Hi this is XXX, I just got through touring your home for sale. The home shows beautifully. Unfortunately, when I ran in to take a look, I had my car in neutral instead of park, so I accidently drove through the garage door.”

“This is the inspection service you called. We were not able to inspect the master bedroom closet because there was a large live boaconstrictor hanging from the ceiling.”

“We have to buy a house today. Don’t mind the kiddos, they have the flu. Don’t worry they each have their own pink bucket to carry with them incase they get sick while were looking.”

“This is the buyer for the $630,000.00 home that closed 2 weeks ago. I know you told me not to let the Seller stay after closing, but she seemed like such a sweet lady. Anyway, when we went to move in this morning, we realized the Seller took all the hardware and wall-to wall carpet.” (later that day) “Yes, Ma’am, I’m calling because apparently there was some miscommunication about what can be removed from the home and what items are fixed, or attached, and need to remain with the property.” (response) “Well I’ll have you know it is not fixed or attached to the house, if I can take it off!!!”

  1. Susan Hilton

    Real Estate in Bryan College Station seems to be not only a great profession but also a humerous one with many ODD things happening! Hope everyone who reads all this realizes that these are TRUE statements and things that REALLY happened!

  2. Joey Condon

    These are excellent!! I had one that wanted to know why the college students next door charged so much for marijuana! I told them they didn’t give student discounts>

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