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Raylene Lewis is a happily married Realtor. Her family is comprised of a loving husband, two children, a 5 year old boy and a 3 year old girl, 2 dogs, and a Parrot. Raylene has been selling realestate for the last 8 years with Century 21 and sold 123 property units in 2008. Raylene loves being a Realtor and a Mommy, and as such, she is constantly on a mission to get things done!

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Raylene Lewis


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Job Description: Parent — Requirements of the Job

Have you ever thought of what the job description would be for being a parent? When you are “Hired” it is a permanent position and a challenging career awaits you! You are placed in an environment that is sometimes stressful and often chaotic. You are “On Call” 24 hours a day 7 days a week and the older your children get the more extensive “Business Traveling” becomes required. Unfortunately, you get no pay for “Overtime”, and your “Travel Expenses” are not reimbursable. There are no “Paid Holidays,” no “Vacation Time,” “No Pension,” no “Stock Options” offered, no “Health or Dental Insurance,” and most importantly, no “Retirement,” ever.

Although no “Previous Experience” is required, you do get extensive “On-The-Job” training and having good communication skills, meeting and event planning and excellent hearing is always a plus. With the job of parenthood, there is no chance for promotion. The goal is that one day, you will be surpassed! Your “Job Responsibilities” include but are not limited to: tolerating being hated, willing to not do or say the first thing that comes to your mind, and being willing to work when you are both sick and/or tired. You are required to incorporate the additional jobs of: a secretary with call screening, homework projects and calander scheduling, a plumber when something is enevitably flushed that shouldn’t have been, therapist when there is a problem, a doctor when there is an illiness or a need to handle minor injuries, and a mechanic to assemble/repair plastic devices and items that are battery operated. Additionally, you must provide janitorial and personal chef services, be willling to be embarassed in public, able to function as police officer/detective and, most of all, be accountable for the end product.

What about Pay? Unfortuantely, you pay them & you will be required to offer frequent raises and bonuses known as “An Allowance”. There is also a “Balloon Payment” that will be due when your child turns 18 and will require a motor vehicle, room and board, and College schooling. If you are the parent of a female, you have 2 Balloon Payments as money for “The Wedding” is also required. Finally, when you die, you give them whatever is left from your estate.

So why do most of us decide to take the job? Because even though it is a reverse-salary scheme, you enjoy it and wish you could only do more. The opportunities for personal growth are limitless, and you are provided with unconditional love, and, if you are really fortunate, the opportunity to become a grandparent.

  1. Jack Anding

    Yeah, but it’s not a bad job if you can get it.

  2. Susan Hilton

    It is the BEST job in the world! If I had known how wonderful Motherhood was back years ago (and had LOTS more money) I think I would have had quite a few more kids –
    Being a parent is something I wouldn’t trade for the world.

  3. Carol Ann Rakowitz

    My children, the older ones and the two babies, remind me everyday that each breath we take is another opportunity to love one another. They are love, what living is all about.

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