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Raylene Lewis is a happily married Realtor. Her family is comprised of a loving husband, two children, a 5 year old boy and a 3 year old girl, 2 dogs, and a Parrot. Raylene has been selling realestate for the last 8 years with Century 21 and sold 123 property units in 2008. Raylene loves being a Realtor and a Mommy, and as such, she is constantly on a mission to get things done!

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Are There Haunted-Houses Here in BCS?

In my career as a Realtor I have sold hundreds of homes. A few of these properties in the Bryan, College-Station and surrounding area were homes that had a history; that is homes where previous occupants had died in the property.

 According to the law, if the house is considered a Notorious House, well known for a death or for being Haunted, it does have to be disclosed. However, if a death occurs on the property and it is not a caused by natural causes, suicide or an accident unrelated to the condition of the property it does not have to be disclosed.

Often, when a Realtor sell a home, we have no idea if a death has occurred on the property or not. If you are a Buyer and concerned about that sort of thing, the best way

I have found to determine if the house has a past is to Google the property address on the world wide web. If something happened, it’s likely there is a police report posted on the web that can tell you all the details. I have only sold one Notorious House.

This was a home where a family of 4 had been murdered back in the early 1970’s and, I can tell you, property value can definitely be affected by the homes past. While I am certainly no psychic, and am not sure if I believe in ghosts or not, I can definitely recall one particular home in Bryan that I can confidently say: if there is such a thing, this house 100% fit the bill.

Every time I would try to take interior photos of the home, they would come out fuzzy and yellow. The lights were constantly flickering whenever I went in and, I would switch off a light, leave the property, get in my car, and notice the light was back on! Needless to say I was “Oh, So Happy!” when that house sold.

Hammond HouseIf you are feeling especially brave, and want to stay at a Haunted House, right down the road just about 40 minutes from town in Calvert Texas is a little Bed & Breakfast known as The Hammond House.

The TFC Paranormal Research Team, a real ghost-hunting team based out of Bryan-College Station, recorded Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and other readings at the Hammond House. According to Casey Linda Unger, who headed the team, the property definitely has a few ghostly inhabitants.

To learn more about the Paranormal Research team right here in BCS, click here or you can go to http://www.freakuency.org/about.htm and for information on the Hammond House, or to schedule a little get away just go to http://www.thehammondhouse.com/index.php but, if the place is haunted, don’t expect a good night’s sleep!

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  1. Lisa Crisp

    Wow that’s CREEPY about the fuzzy photos! I have a similar story about that. It’s too long to post, but I’m pretty sure that I believe in the paranormal.

    I’ve also heard that the basement of the La Salle hotel in Bryan is haunted.

  2. Susan Hilton - Texas Aggie Realtor

    Haunted? Cool! I’d love to see a ghost – Maybe we could find a ghost Realtor selling houses in Bryan or College Station?

  3. Carol Ann Rakowitz

    This subject is something to think about. As a realtor at Century 21 Beal, Inc. in Bryan/College Station, I have been asked about deaths on properties many times. Lots of people have the desire to know what has occurred on a property they are considering purchasing. Once, Mrs. Buyer asked me if anyone had ever died on a property. I explained that I did not have knowledge about that subject but she could research and maybe find some answers. She walked into another part of the house and I turned to the husband and said, “you know an American Indian could have wandered onto this very spot ages ago and sat down to die, who knows?” He said, “Shhhhh, she would probably not even buy at all if she thought of that. (hahaha)” They did buy that property.

    And on a different note, I went to College with Casey, Founder of the TFC Paranormal Research Team and she was a wonderfully unique, big hearted person that looked at life differently than most. It is a pleasure to call her friend.

  4. Kristi Fox

    Having had many of these experiences myself, I can agree with you on all the comments you made. At a listing in College Station, not only myself, but 4 of us saw the lights flickering after the potential buyer said “something is in this house…” and the hair stood up on my arms. Then as we stood on the back porch talking, the back door closed slowly, just to open itself back up slowly and then close again at the same moment the potential buyer asked “did someone die here?” I did not know that answer at the moment, and we all watched in horror and silence! Interesting that there was no wind or any reason the door would do this. Later I found out someone did die in the home!! The home in College Station was sold to someone who plans to tear it down, wonder if the “tenant” will be upset about his house going bye-bye????
    If you haven’t been to the the La Salle Hotel in downtown Bryan, Texas, you should go! BUT BEWARE if you are the type like me to feel these strange behaviors or are scared in any way- DON’T GO! It isn’t only in the basement my friends. I won’t step foot in the elevator or any of the rooms ever again!!!

  5. Raylene Lewis

    OHH! I already have the basement of the La Salle Booked for a family reunion in June! I had planned on staying the night at the property, because I thought it would be easier. Maybe now I’ll just drive back and forth!

  6. Susan Hilton

    Or maybe go to the LaSalle Hotel in downtown Bryan and have a GREAT time!

  7. Raylene Lewis

    We will definately have a great time!!! The atmosphere at the La Salle is unique and will be a lot of fun…guess I will be brave enough to spend the night! LOL!!! I also love shopping at all the stores in Downtown Bryan.

  8. Casey Unger

    Casey Unger of TFC Paranormal here….

    Wow guys. I am so honored to be quoted so favorably on your site. Having grown up in Calvert, TX, I can tell you some VERY interesting stories about haunted houses, properties, etc.

    Anytime you guys want to chat about this subject, shoot me an email at http://www.freakuency.org
    I love talking about the paranormal.

    And thanks Carol for the very kind words. Email me sometime.


  9. Raylene Lewis

    Thanks for stopping by and reading the Blog Post! I’d love to meet with you and talk about the paranormal sometime. I’m sure you have some great stories! I look forward to our visit and I’ll be sure to Blog a follow up story!

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