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Raylene Lewis is a happily married Realtor. Her family is comprised of a loving husband, two children, a 5 year old boy and a 3 year old girl, 2 dogs, and a Parrot. Raylene has been selling realestate for the last 8 years with Century 21 and sold 123 property units in 2008. Raylene loves being a Realtor and a Mommy, and as such, she is constantly on a mission to get things done!

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Expressions Dance and Music College Station, Texas — Teaching Kids, Dance, Music and More


Being involved in dance and music is a great way for children to learn skills such as coordination, music reading, and rhythm. It’s also a great way for children to advance in their social skills and provide a fun environment to keep them active!

Expressions Dance and Music, located on Wellborn Road near Rock Prairie in College Station, Texas, is the perfect place to get your kiddos moving to the beat! Expressions Dance and Music offers tons of options – from drum to voice to violin and everything in between. They also have classes for almost every kind of dance you can imagine including the more traditional ballet and tap to hip hop, drill team, pom, and contemporary.

 Expressions Dance and Music has a class for just about every age  starting at 3 years.  They also have competition teams that are divided by age and are known for having great showmanship and being quite entertaining!

Two of my own children attend Expressions Dance and Music, and off all the activities we do, they both agree their time at Expressions is their favorite!

Raylene Lewis — Century 21’s #1 Realtor and College Station Expert



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Fuegos Tortilla Grill in College Station Texas — Great Tacos 24 Hours a Day


What happens when you are hungry for some late-night Tex-Mex? What if it’s the middle of the day, and yet, a breakfast taco sounds sooo good? Fuego Tortilla Grill in College Station, Texas open 24 hours is the answer! 

Fuegos of the newest and hottest places to go to get tacos of any flavor!! You can choose from bean & cheese, steak and cheese, bacon, potato, etc. you name it and they have it!  It is conveniently located at Poplar and Texas Ave. by the U-Haul in College Station, TX.  Fuegos also has a great lunch menu. Everything at Fuego’s in College Station, Texas is served fresh and made from scratch everyday! They don’t cook it until you order it!

This new restaurant is sure to be come a well known Favorite! Come and custom make your own taco today at the Fuego’s Tortilla Grill in College Station, Texas!

Raylene Lewis — Century 21’s #1 Realtor and College Station Expert



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Questions to Think About when Buying a College Station Home

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest expenses you will invest in.  If you have decided to move, finding a home the meets your needs and desires may seem a bit over whelming.  This is totally normal! After all, where do you start?   Luckily, this is not something you have to do alone; as Century 21 Beal’s top agent I am here to help!

There is currently a growing trend today of people looking for a house in College Station, TX  because our town does not have the high traffic or huge crime rate that other big cities have. Life here is just a lot less chaotic!

What is the first step when buying a College Station house?  If you want to start on your own, and you are not quite ready for talking to a lender or Century 21 Realtor just yet, there are stands outside of many local convenience and grocery stores that contain “Homes Magazines,” these give you a list of homes for sale in the area; and are a great way to get a feel for the market.  Reviewing the homes will give you a good idea of what you can expect to get for your dollar. 

When you are ready, you should find a Century 21 Realtor that understands your goals and is someone you can trust.  A good Century 21 Realtor will be able to show you any home for sale listed with any company.  Many people start their search for a home or agent by looking on the Internet. 

The internet provides you the most up to date data on homes for sale as well as personality, credentials and ratings of local licensed  Century 21 Real Estate professionals. 

Once you have chosen a real estate agent; discuss  with them specifically what type of home you are looking for.  Here is a list of very helpful questions that can direct you to finding your dream home:

1.       Will my family grow larger?

2.       What needs does my family have for the home?

3.       Of what value are the school districts in the area?

4.       What size of yard or land will fit your needs?

5.       Will you have livestock or several small animals on your land?

6.       How close do you need to be to your place of business, schools, or city?

7.       Would you prefer a property that needs work or is move in ready?

8.       Are you going to live in the home or use it as an investment property?

9.       Is this going to be your primary residence…and if so, for how long?

10.   What is of most value about the way of life you aim to achieve?

11.   What is within your budget?  How much has you mortgage lender agreed to lend to you?

12.  What items are most important to you when looking for your new home?

When you are ready to submit an offer, your Realtor® is the go between with you and the seller.  The duties of the agent will be to negotiate any and all terms of the contract including but not limited to, the down payment, price, closing date, contingencies, and whatever else needs to be accomplished to bring the deal to a fulfilling finale.

 Be sure to elect a Realtor® who will educate you on what to look for, be your ambassador, and will work hard to find the residence that meets your distinctive desires.

Good Luck and Happy House Hunting!

Raylene Lewis — College Station Expert and Century 21 Professional Realtor



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Raylene Lewis Quality Customer Service Again and Again!

raylene lewis college station realtorRaylene and Megan,

It was a pleasure and a wonderful experience working with the “Raylene Lewis Team.” When I walked into the Century 21 Beal office, I felt lost and scared. I had never sold a property long distance before. Your team made the process painless and enjoyable. I felt like I truly had someone talking care Read the rest of this entry »

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Raylene Lewis is Honored in Bryan College Station by Century 21!

Congratulations Raylene Lewis!raylene lewis college station realtor

Raylene received a letter of thanks from Rick Davidson, Century 21 Real Estate President and CEO yesterday thanking Raylene for participating in the President’s Advisory Council. Since taking the position of Century 21 he has found that “the talent and enthusiasm of Century 21 System members is one of our best attributes.”

Century 21 Beal is honored to have Raylene Lewis as a 5 Star Real Estate Agent in Bryan College Station! Raylene is a top Realtor in Bryan and College Station.

Susan Hilton College Station Real Estate

Susan Hilton

Century 21 Beal, Inc.


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Pebble Creek Elementary Reserved Parking for The Waller Family

Pebble Creek Elementary School has a reserved parking space for the Waller Family? I knew there was handicapped reserved parking. And,  I think I remember that the Principal has a reserved spot but who is the Waller Family?


I’m sure the school has a great reason having  something to do with the school carnival and fund raising….

Do you know what the Waller Family had to do to get this spot? Please let me know! My children are no longer in Pebble Creek Elementary (grown on up to high school…) but I bet there are other parents who would also LOVE to try to get this parking space next year. If it is a fund raiser, the stakes are going up.

Congratulations Waller Family!!!  Let me know how much you are enjoying your space.

Susan Hilton College Station Real Estate

Susan Hilton

CENTURY 21 Beal, Inc.


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Congratulations Century 21 Beal Agents!!!!

Congratulations to the following Century 21 Beal, Inc. agents for their outstanding Sales Achievement and Performance January – June 2010.

Recognition for your sales achievement from Century 21 International is quite an honor. Century 21 Beal  Realtors continues to have a large number of agents that excel in both real estate sales in Bryan College Station and exceptional customer service.

Susan Hilton College Station Real Estate

Susan Hilton

CENTURY 21 Beal, Inc.


Real Estate for Bryan College Station!

Call 979-764-2121 and hear information on ANY property for sale in the Brazos Valley.

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Just One More Reason to LOVE College Station Schools

I don’t know what’s wrong with some kids when it comes to shopping!  When I was a student, I loved shopping for new school supplies every year!  But to many children, shopping for school supplies is an unpleasant event, ranking somewhere between a trip to the dentist and clothes shopping with mom!

SO here comes the  CSISD  to the rescue!  Working with Wilton’s Office Works, a locally-owned and operated provider of office supplies, furniture and services, College Station schools’ PTOs (Parent Teacher Organizations) are offering pre-packed school supply kits!  They include everything your kid needs according to the official CSISD school supply list and will be delivered to the child’s classroom for Meet the Teacher Night or the first day of school. The school supplies will be packaged in a keepsake box with a handle, and you can keep the box and use it for keeping memories throughout the school year.

Participating elementary schools include Pebble Creek, Rock Prairie, South Knoll, College Hills, Creek View, Southwood Valley, and Forest Ridge.  What’s easier than writing a check, for less money than it takes to drive around town hunting everything on the list?  For more information, or to find out if your school is taking part i this helpful fundraiser, contact your school’s PTO or Kathy at Wilton’s, (970)268-0062.


Interested in Buying or Selling a Home?

Give me a call! 979-218-2235

Raylene Lewis– “A House-Sold Name!”


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Messina Hof Cooking Parties with the Chef in Bryan College Station

wine22March is finally here and the springtime month brought along some greatly anticipated sunshine.   Now that the cold weather looks like it may be behind us for good, Bryan and College Station residents can finally turn to local outdoor treasures.  Messina Hof Winery and Resort has an exciting lineup of events this spring.

Make sure you pencil in the “Cooking Parties with the Chef” on March 18th and 21st.  Cooking parties are offered for both beginners and experts, and everyone leaves with new tips, good memories, and a finely satisfied appetite.

If you prefer to focus more on the wine itself, then mark your calendar for this month’s wine appreciation class, taught on March 28th and is entitled “The Wines of Burgundy.” Join the family at 3:00 p.m. to learn about the five regions of Burgundy and two reviled grapes, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  Of course, no class would be complete without plenty of samples to taste.

One of the best deals in town is the five dollar wine tour, on which you can enjoy late afternoon weather while exploring Bryan’s very own vineyard.  Knowledgeable and fun staff lead tours through the various buildings and grounds while explaining the entire wine making process, from the grape picking to the label printing.  The best part: the tour ends in the wine tasting room where the tour leader shares his or her knowledge on Messina Hof’s many wonderful wine offerings while you sip away.

Take advantage of this perfect weather with a friend and enjoy the highly acclaimed local wine at Messina Hof today!

Susan Hilton

Susan Hilton – Realtor & Sales Trainer for Century 21 Beal, Inc.

#1 in Real Estate in Bryan and College Station Home Sales

Real Estate for Bryan College Station!

Call 979-764-2121 and hear information on ANY property for sale in the Brazos Valley.

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Granite Counter Tops Worth it in College Station?

Have you ever wondered if your College Station home would look better with granite counter tops? Do you know how they would wear? How much would it cost?College Station Granite Kitchen

Of all the surfaces inside of the house, counter tops usually have to endure all the wear and tear. Anything you don’t want laying around on the floor usually ends up on counter tops, and accidents like to happen when given enough time. Even worse, scratches and gouges can be eye magnets, but even so, remodeling can be difficult to think about sometimes.

Home owners are sometimes daunted with the issue of remodeling: it can be painstaking to decide upon and it’s usually tough work. Beyond that, there is no formula to figuring out if the cost exceeds the benefit when part of the benefit is happiness

Research is very important, and there are a fair number of options with types of counter tops and manufacturers. After any amount of research, it’s clear that many consumer reports and magazines praise Read the rest of this entry »

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