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Raylene Lewis is a happily married Realtor. Her family is comprised of a loving husband, two children, a 5 year old boy and a 3 year old girl, 2 dogs, and a Parrot. Raylene has been selling realestate for the last 8 years with Century 21 and sold 123 property units in 2008. Raylene loves being a Realtor and a Mommy, and as such, she is constantly on a mission to get things done!

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Bryan College Station Local Grocers and Farmers Market

Bryan College Station Farmers Market Century 21 Beal

Bryan College Station Farmers Market Century 21 Beal

Bryan/College Station is a very unique place. The sister cities have most everything you’d find in a big city, but alternatively it’s got quite a bit you wouldn’t. What makes it so special is the amount of farms and food producers around. This area of Texas is one of the agricultural boons of the U.S., not to mention A&M University has some of the most premier agricultural researchers. We are surrounded by some of the freshest, healthiest meats and vegetables in Texas; that makes Bryan/College Station one of the best places to shop for food. Be it our farmers’ markets, local grocers, or A&M’s meat market, you can find some of the most delicious foods in our quaint little sister cities.

HEB and Kroger’s are great grocery stores as well, but if you’re looking for fresh Read the rest of this entry »

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Jose’s Mexican Food Restaurant in Bryan, TX

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3uHwBG5lME[/youtube]Nothing beats a chain-food lunch or dinner like an original restaurant. A well known local establishment for fine Mexican food is Jose’s on South Texas Avenue in Bryan.  Jose’s is known by locals for “good food, good drinks and good fun.” It is named after it’s owner Jose Montemayor, who came from Mexico to live out the American Dream and cook fine Mexican cuisine for the people of the Brazos Valley.
Jose came to Bryan-College Station in 1971 and purchased the local Zarape Restaurant. He wants all patrons to know that the menu choices you find at his restaurant comes from what you would normally find served in a typical Mexican home. The recipes from the Jose’s and Zarape restaurants come from Jose’s Mother, Mama Maria de los Angeles Garcia de Montemayor.  Everything cooked and served in the restaurant is made from scratch, and there are no pre-prepared foods, no soy extenders, no flavor enhancers, and no instant mixes.
If you are hungry for authentic Mexican food, Jose’s and Zarape’s are definitely places to try!
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Cycles Etc. — A Brazos Valley Bike Shop

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBMqmKiNCpE[/youtube]Located just across University Dr. from the United States Post Office on Texas A&M University Campus in College Station, Texas you will find Cycles Etc. This Locally owned and operated bike shop is walking distance to campus and a place every Texas A&M University Student should know about. It is your one-stop bicycle needs shop.

 Robert Rose, owner of Cycles Etc. for the past 11 years,  takes pride in his shop and makes certain all clients and customers are well informed and properly equipped in the biking world.  He makes certain  that when you walk in his door you are greeted instantly with a bicycle specialist who is ready to help you find your next bicycle, or assist you in fixing what you’ve got.

 The store offers special fittings, bicycle repairs, bicycle gear, and every accessory imaginable. They have bikes to accommodate all age ranges from infant riders to kids first bicycles and up. Their bicycles range from Trek, Gary Fisher, Raleigh and more! You can find Road, Hybrid, Mountain and Tricycles and choose from their many styles including Texas A&M University, The Discovery Channel and even the University of Texas.  

 If you purchase a bicycle from Cycles Etc. you will have free tune-up’s for life and receive half off of labor. From the smallest repair like airing up a tire, to the largest repair–if you bike gets a case of the crunchies– the staff at Cycles Etc. will take great care of you.   They also have a guarantee that you will have your bicycle back within 24 hours, but this does exclude bicycles that require special orders.

Many customers will agree that Cycles Etc. is one of the best bicycle shops in the Brazos Valley and is conveniently located in College Station, Texas walking distance to Texas A&M University!  It is another locally owned and operated business every Aggie should know about!

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A Great Place for Breakfast and Coffee in College Station

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lp0XTQcMY5I[/youtube]While you can never go wrong with a sit-down breakfast of bacon, pancakes and eggs, if given the choice on what we are eating for breakfast, my son and daughter will always suggest going to Kolache Rolf’s before anything else.  Whether you have time to sit down and enjoy your meal, or if you need to get breakfast on the run, Kolache Rolf’s is always there to provide you with a variety of breakfast choices. 

 The store is owned and operated by Rolf and Melissa Larson.  When Rolf was a child, he purchased a pig at a county fair and then raised him as a loving pet.  Rolf fed the pig old Kolaches, rode around on his back and had the pig following him on a leash.  Rolf learned responsibility through caring for the pig and the pig and boy developed a strong friendship.  As a result, his dad named the pig “Kolache Rolf” and that is where the store got it’s name. 

 The Lawsons’ have three store locations: on Longmire–in the Kroger shopping center in South College Station, on Texas Avenue–next to Copy Corner, and in the Tejas Center in Bryan–next to the HEB.  Our favorite breakfast items are: the Sausage and Cheese Kolaches, the Bacon Egg and Cheese Bubba Buns, the Cream Cheese Kolaches and the Cinnamon Rolls.  But keep in mind, there is a huge selection of Breakfast items a well as traditional &  fruit kolaches and cinnamon baked goods. Kolache Rolfs is a fabulous College Station owned and operated business that should be taste-tested by all!

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SportClips in College Station – What Is the Big Deal???

What is it about SportCips and Men (and boys)?  Why is it such a big deal to get a hair cut there?sportsclips

Spent a little time waiting for my son outside SportClips today at 200 University Dr in College Station. I watched men and boys go in and sit and wait. SportClips was a little short handed today and the wait was longer then normal but these men were willing to wait over an hour to get a haircut there. Why?

  1. Big sign on the front – For Men And Boys. All Star Haircuts.
  2. Sign – No appointment necessary. (never plan in advance for a haircut)
  3. The name sounds manly.
  4. The stylists are all WOMEN!
  5. The decor in the waiting area has a locker room look with a big screen TV playing ONLY sports.
  6. No one talks while you wait.
  7. Aggie gear on the walls…. maybe it is a TAMU thing.

We could have easily have set an appointment with my stylist Faye (who is wonderful!), had a schedule, gone in, gotten the haircut and been out in way less time but NOOOOO! We had to get a haircut Read the rest of this entry »

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Congratulations to the College Station Speed Demons!

The Brazos Valley Speed Demons, a local soccer team that is part of the Brazos Valley Futbol Club, recently triumphed in their tournament against the Houston teams.  The Boys played 2 hours away and the support and enthusiasms that accompanied the team was wonderful and definitely contributed to the win.  The Speed Demons played 4 games to clench the tournament; with the first two games played in the pouring rain.

The first game was won 7-1 with the score being 7-0 in the second game and 6-0 in the third.  All the players worked really hard and played as a team. When it was time to face the last team for the Championship, the opposing team was very aggressive.  There was a lot of pushing and shoving, and the Speed Demons stepped up to the plate, played very hard, and fought fire with fire against the other team’s aggressive play.  The championship game was a hard win with the final score being 3 to 2.

Congratulations Speed Demons! We Are All Very Proud of You!!! A Big Thanks to All The Parents for Their Support!!! And a BIG GOOD LUCK to The Speed Demons as they head off for the Labor Day weekend tournament.

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Tow Mater Sighting Near College Station

Tow Mater Near College StationMy family and I were driving around East Texas looking for land this weekend, about an hour outside of College Station, when we passed by the office building of a company that tows cars. My four year old immediately started yelling “Mommy! Mommy, Look! It’s Tow Mater!” Tow Mater is a character from the Disney Pixar film “Cars.”  My husband did a loop around and we pulled over to take these pictures. Pretty creative, I thought, It looks just like him!

My Family With Tow MaterKyler was concerned since Mater would not talk to him, but I told him that he was busy guarding all the cars in the wrecking yard.  While we were there, 3 cars pulled up behind us to take pictures too.  No matter what you are doing, try to not be so busy getting from one place to another that you miss appreciating the things around you.

Kyler and Tow Mater I have really enjoyed looking for Ranch land with my family, just because of all the great quality time we have been able to spend together. We are making some great memories and discovering all sorts of fun places, just a stone’s throw away from home! 

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Update on the Pond: What Killed the Fish in In South College Station

I walked out behind my home in College Station this Sunday to find over 100 Buzzards behind my back yard with over 120 dead fish floating in the pond behind my house or scattered along the bank. See Blog All of the Fish in the pond Appear to Have Died Overnight! What the? And a big thank you to the Home Owner’s Association for cleaning up the mess so quickly!

The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has concluded that the fish in the pond all died due to lack of oxygen.  This is also sometimes referred to as the pond “turning over.” My understanding is that this occured because: we had a long period with no rain, then lots of rain at once, with not a lot of natural vegetation in the pond, and a fountain that had recently broken.  Apparently, once the amount of oxygen decreases to a certain level in a tank, it will kill the fish overnight. Now we have tons of algae in the tank and the whole thing looks nasty and green.

This brings me to my latest problem. Read the rest of this entry »

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Everything is Bigger In Texas! Even the Frogs!

100_0280.JPGCollege Station Texas is a wonderful place to live with a variety of wildlife.  This toad was found in the parking lot at the Home Depot on University Drive.  Luckily, “Kermit” was rescued and taken to a heavenly pond in South College Station where he found more water and bugs and less asphalt and cars.  In case you didn’t know, 2008 is the Year of the Frog.  This has because Frogs, Toads, Salamanders, newts, etc. are going extinct. Luckily, most amphibians in College Station, Texas have not been affected.

In looking for information as to what type of amphibian this was, I came across the Texas Parks and Wildlife“Frogs and Toads” Texas website. The best part about this site is that there is a section where you can click and hear the calls each Texas frog makes.  If you live near water in Bryan, College Station, you are guaranteed to hear many of these calls in the evening.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Meet Snoofy: A College Station Animal Rescue in Need of a Loving Home

snoofy250.jpgMeet Snoofy. That’s right, no typo here S-n-o-o-f-y. She is a full blooded Tree-walker Coon Hound . Her original name was intended to be Snoopy, of course, but she lives in College Station with a 2 and a 4 year old and somehow that “p” turned into an “f.” We frequently call her “Super Snoofer!” and she is just the most gentle and sweetest soul imaginable.

Snoofy knows her size and would never even consider jumping on or knocking one of my kiddos down, and we are very sad to have to see her go.  She is absolutely no trouble, and we have no intention of just handing her over to the first person who says: “Hey! I’ll take her!” Snoofy’s story with us started like this:

The day after my Yorkshire Terrier died of cancer, my Sister came from Houston to visit me in College Station.  As she was driving on the outskirts of the south Navasota area, she came upon Snoofy in the middle of HWY 6 and moments from becoming a become a Puppy Pancake. 

dogducks220.jpgShe pulled the car over, got Snoofy inside, and brought her strait to my house. What a mess Snoofy was! She was so malnourished you could not only see her ribs but her spinal column as well. She was very weak and clearly had fleas and mange.  Her hair was falling out and her skin was in awful condition.

It was obvious that at some point she had broken her tail as a puppy and the problem had not been addressed, and thus it didn’t heal correctly.  She had walked so much, the padding on her feet was worn away and bleeding in a few places, and her right foot had an abscess.  We started the recovery process by giving her a bath and then feeding her little amounts of food every hour.  By the end of the day, she was able to stand for a few minutes. 

As soon as the weekend was over, we made an appointment for Read the rest of this entry »

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