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Raylene Lewis is a happily married Realtor. Her family is comprised of a loving husband, two children, a 5 year old boy and a 3 year old girl, 2 dogs, and a Parrot. Raylene has been selling realestate for the last 8 years with Century 21 and sold 123 property units in 2008. Raylene loves being a Realtor and a Mommy, and as such, she is constantly on a mission to get things done!

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Home Construction and Copper Theft in Bryan College Station

If you’re building a home in the Bryan/College Station area, or anywhere in the United States for that matter, there are most likely an innumerable number of concerns providing stress for the said production. And though you might have thought up every last possible gimmick and fluke that could hinder the progress of your future home’s production, there’s at least one recent development which you have likely overlooked: copper theft.

That is correct. You might have thought that metal hasn’t been valuable enough to hijacking since the middle ages, when vagrants took to robbing steel from ancient monuments like the Coliseum. But in today’s world, with the rising costs of copper for its many uses, metal is back on the black market. Copper has become a major article for theft in recent years, and along with vacant buildings, sub-stations, and cell towers, construction sites are also a frequently targeted subject for the thievery of copper.  And that includes your potential future home.

Copper’s rising popularity, apart from its artistic properties, is due mostly to its excellent performance as a conductor of electricity. With the consistent use of electricity in buildings throughout the nation, copper has become essentially ubiquitous. And with the widespread use of copper comes the increased value. And with increased value, copper has become a major target for theft. A recent estimation from the Electrical Safety Foundation International claims upwards of 50,000 copper thefts occur every year. And despite new laws making copper theft a felony in any state, the statistics are rising.

Considering all the fuss about copper theft, the value of copper theft is not surprisingly high. The average scrap metal dealer will buy about 40 pounds of copper for anywhere from $50-100. While that might seem hardly worth the hassle, 40 pounds is the average amount of copper wiring that can be removed from a commercial air-conditioning unit (the most popular target for copper theft). And as easy as it is to hack away to obtain $100 worth of copper, the cost for repairs can be in the tens of thousands of dollars. In fact, the theft of copper (which only recently was a minor nuisance for home builders and businesses) is quickly becoming a major issue, costing over a billion dollars of a year.

Major businesses throughout Texas are being continually plagued by copper thieves, who break into abandoned complexes or construction sites, ripping copper tubing out of commercial air-conditioning units. Multiple businesses are actually being targeted multiple times. And according to the US Department of Energy, the cost of repairing and replacing the theft of copper wires, pipes, cables, and gutters that are being torn from walls and buildings every year is steadily increasing.

Other popular marks for copper thieves are substations: units that provide expensive high-voltage transmission lines to homes all over the US. These are particularly attractive targets for copper thieves because of the high value equipment and the mass quantities of copper used to conduct electricity underground. Yet, the risk for thieves is actually life threatening. Should they sever the wrong cords or touch the wrong conductors, the amount of voltage they expose themselves to is assuredly fatal. And the costs of the mess resulting afterwards can cost over three times the cost of the actual equipment and copper stolen.

So, with copper thievery solidifying itself as an immediate and serious threat to home and business owners (as well as the government as a whole), it is important to know how to prevent these attacks: perhaps the most simple of which is to increase awareness of copper theft. If residents are aware of the threat of copper theft in neighborhoods where construction is active, they would be more prone to report any suspicious activity and catch the perpetrators in the act. Diligence in this area could save home builders and owners from thousands of dollars of repair costs.

Another important measure that co-ops have initiated is the growing use of copper-clad steel in replacing the vulnerable copper wiring. This type of wiring is perfectly capable of the same electricity efficiency as copper, but has a much lower scrap value. It is also just as malleable, but can’t be cut with normal tools (even hydraulic bolt cutters!). This new measure is providing a major deterrent for copper thefts.

While copper theft is a growing felony that is affecting homeowners across the globe, it will not endure for long so long as the appropriate measures are taken. If the cheaper, less susceptible wiring of copper-clad steel is used in greater abundance, and residents across the nation are made at least partially aware of the threat of copper theft, the appeal for such a dangerous, low-reward act of thievery would drop drastically. So if you are building a home in the College Station/Bryan area, or anywhere across the nation, it is important to take the appropriate measures in preventing the devastating effects of copper theft on your home.

PS – Susan Hilton is Bryan College Station, Texas’ real estate specialist in foreclosure sales and real estate agent career building so if you need help – CALL!             979-219-3970

Insurance Tips for College Station Homeowners

Metal Theft in Bryan

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The Best Townhomes in College Station TX

BuyAggieland.com is proud to announce a new partnership with Aggieland Properties www.aggieleasing.com and The Barracks Townhomes www.BarracksTownhomes.com

This partnership has produced the absolute best portfolio of Class A Student rental housing in Aggieland (College Station TX) AND some of the Best Real Estate investment opportunities on the planet!

Aggies, Check out www.aggieleasing.com

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Thanks & Gig-Em’

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Expressions Dance and Music College Station, Texas — Teaching Kids, Dance, Music and More


Being involved in dance and music is a great way for children to learn skills such as coordination, music reading, and rhythm. It’s also a great way for children to advance in their social skills and provide a fun environment to keep them active!

Expressions Dance and Music, located on Wellborn Road near Rock Prairie in College Station, Texas, is the perfect place to get your kiddos moving to the beat! Expressions Dance and Music offers tons of options – from drum to voice to violin and everything in between. They also have classes for almost every kind of dance you can imagine including the more traditional ballet and tap to hip hop, drill team, pom, and contemporary.

 Expressions Dance and Music has a class for just about every age  starting at 3 years.  They also have competition teams that are divided by age and are known for having great showmanship and being quite entertaining!

Two of my own children attend Expressions Dance and Music, and off all the activities we do, they both agree their time at Expressions is their favorite!

Raylene Lewis — Century 21’s #1 Realtor and College Station Expert



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Pebble Creek Subdivision in College Station Texas — About the Neighborhood


Have you decided to move to College Station, Texas but are unsure of what neighborhood you want? Do you want to live in a subdivision that is nice, highly sought after, and has great parks and schools in close proximity? If so, Pebble Creek might be the perfect fit for you. Located in South College Station, Pebble Creek is a 1,348 acre master planned community with Country Club.

The Development of Pebble Creek features many desirable attributes that make it a top notch subdivision many home buyers are looking for. Prices for the homes in Pebble Creek start around $250,000.00, but the average home in the neighborhood is between $350,ooo.00 – $450,000.00.  The subdivision is highly deed restricted to help ensure that the homes provide a clean and pretty exterior appearance and to make sure Pebble Creek stays subdivision that retains its value.   There are also minimum   requirements — usually starting with at least 2500 sqft.

  The HOA (Home Owner’s Association) in Pebble Creek is very active and excels at taking care of the community areas at a reasonable price.  They also make sure every home owner is following the deed restrictions that come with living in a golf-course community. Their objective is to provide the highest quality of life for the families that live in the subdivision.

Two of my favorite things about Pebble Creek are the well maintained park and highly recognized Elementary school — both of which are located in the subdivision.  Pebble Creek is also known for its pool, 7 well-lit tennis courts and of course 18 hole championship golf course.  The pool is open from Mid May through labor day, has a lifeguard and wadding area for little ones.

If you are interested in learning more about the Pebble Creek subdivision in College Station, just give me a call! 979-218-2235

Raylene Lewis — College Station Expert and Professional Real Estate Agent!



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Team Bryan versus Team College Station for Century 21 Beal Retreat

Century 21 Beal Annual Retreat November 2010 has a “know Bryan College Station” theme this year. The real estate sales agents, sales staff and participating vendors have been divided into 2 teams.Century 21 Beal 2010 Retreat

I am sure they will come up with clever team names shortly to make it even more fun!

Each team was asked to declare 10 landmarks for their area – Bryan or College Station. After declaring their landmarks the teams are to take photographs of their landmarks and take photos of themselves at the landmarks.

Below is the list of Bryan and College Station landmarks chosen. Watch for photos Read the rest of this entry »

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College Station Tree Preservation Ordinance – What Do YOU Think?

March 26, 2009 the College Station City Council is having a workshop to review the current draft of the College Station Tree Preservation Ordinance.


Are you ready for the City of College Station to tell you what trees you can cut down?

The City of College Station City’s Tree Preservation Ordinance Purpose states:

Are you ready to have to get a permit to cut a tree? Are you ready to APPLY for a permit to grade your property if there is a tree larger than 8 inches in diameter?

If you are outside the City Limits think you don’t have to worry? Sorry – right now the draft says –

Yes, there are some exemptions. Yes this is only a draft. BUT, will this become law for the City of College Station? Do we need more regulation to limit real estate development? Do we need more governmental interference?

Remember in 2009 the College Station City Council has landlords registering their properties if they are renting –  with a fee of course. This College Station Tree Ordinance is just ONE MORE…..

Susan Hilton

Susan Hilton – Realtor & Sales Trainer for Century 21 Beal

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Selling a home in Bryan or College Station, Texas or other location in the Brazos Valley is heavily dependant on pricing your home properly and picking an agent that will create an “online market presence” for your home. As a home seller, you need to be aware that the market in Bryan College Station and many other Texas communities has changed over the last three and a half years. We are no longer in a strong seller’s market. 

 When selling a home in Bryan College Station, Tx, it pays to have a pro in your corner representing you.  It pays to hire a well educated, top professional at Century 21 Beal.

** 85% of all buyers are finding their homes on the Internet. Is your Bryan College Station home being advertised on the web?

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Buying A College Station Home: What to Look For When Viewing Homes For Sale

College Station Real Estate what to look for in a homeWhen you begin your home search in College Station for the property that is right for you and your family, the first thing you want to do is compare the home you are looking at to your personal list of minimum requirements. You also want to keep in mind the “extras” that are included with the home you are looking at.

Typically, “extras” are added features or upgrades to a property. Extras can also be things that are on your “Buyer’s Wish List.”  You should ask your Realtor to help you keep track of the extras and point out the upgrades in each property as you are viewing the home. 

It is also important to ask your Realtor to help you identify potential problems and maintenance issues. Although your Realtor is NOT an inspector and can not advise you on what is wrong with the property, they can point out the current appearance of things that will require ongoing maintenance; for example: paint, appliances, windows and carpet. 

If you are a very detailed and organized person, it can be helpful Read the rest of this entry »

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Thinking of Selling your College Station Home? What to Expect When Interviewing A Realtor

new-image.JPGWhen it is time to sell your home in Bryan College Station, and start interviewing Real Estate Agents, you will want to meet with each agent separately. As you call to set up interview and make appointments, take special note of who you get on the phone right away and how long it takes for your phone call to be returned. The time it takes for you to get through to the Realtor will likely be the roughly the same amount of time as if a prospective buyer had called with questions about your home. When you and the agent communicate with one another, you should expect the Realtor to ask you a few questions.

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Essential Questions to Ask A Bryan College Station Realtor when Interviewing a Listing Agent

When it is time to sell your home, it is imperative to pick the right Brazos Valley listing agent. Your home is one of the most expensive things you will ever purchase and when your are ready to sell that home, you need to make sure that the person selling it for you will correctly guard your equity, your investment, and your best interests.

Although almost any agent you interview will tell you they can market your home effectively, there are several key questions that you need to ask to make sure you are choosing the best agent for the job.

Your Realtor needs to be someone extremely familiar with your neighborhood, who can provide you with a long list of recently satisfied customers, and be a current and regular user of the Internet, email, and a variety of Internet marketing tools and techniques. Clearly, most home buyer’s when beginning their search for a property begin with the Internet.

 A Realtor who embraces the Internet as a powerful marketing tool will aggressively market your home online to buyers.

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10 Ways to Make Your Bryan College Station Home Stand Out to Buyers Who View It

A home buyer in the Bryan-College Station area will be provided with a variety of house choices that meet their basic search critera. When a buyer begins looking at homes for sale, it is easy for them to forget what they have seen or to get the interior of homes and their floorplans confused with one another.

When I show property to a prospective buyer, I always tell them to compare the 1st house they see to the second and then do their best to rank the two and, if possible, eliminate one. Thus, when they are finished, they clearly have one or two homes that stand out above the rest.

Below, I have made a list of 10 things you can do to help your home be one that stands out in a postive light in the minds of perspective buyers who view it. If your home remains memorable, and positively appealing, it is likely to sell quicker than its competition.

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